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BestESD Technical Services

BestESD Technical Services

Vladimir Kraz, Principal
Welcome to BestESD Technical Services – leading ESD/EMI/EMC specialists for the global electronics manufacturing industry.

ESD and EMI issues facing us in design and production grow more challenging every year. Component sensitivity to ESD is on the rise, and EMI susceptibility in the manufacturing process is becoming more critical. Planning, building and maintaining a safe and manageable ESD/EMI environment is not only increasingly important, but requires more specialized expertise than ever before.

BestESD provides high quality problem-solving and technical guidance for every ESD/EMI consideration in design and production today – from electromagnetic compliance of emerging products, to resolving interference and immunity issues in challenging production facilities, to ensuring a safe ESD environment for sensitive components and assemblies.

Led by Vladimir Kraz, founder of Credence Technologies and formerly the lead instrumentation specialist at 3M Electronic Solutions Division, BestESD takes pride in exceeding our customers' expectations through innovation, technical currency and leadership, and exemplary customer support.

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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is an important consideration for the quality and reliability of electronics components.  With ESD sensitivity on the rise, we can assist you in many ways to succeed with your ESD goals and keep your ESD exposure under control.


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) creates problems for process parameters, causes downtime of equipment and can induce component damage.  We can help you with proper EMI management and mitigation of EMI-related problems.


Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) is essential to succeed on the market.  EMC process can be either lengthy and expensive, or swift and affordable.  Let us help you with your compliance needs to accelerate your time-to-market for your new products.